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The Road Not Taken

Narratives on the Life & Times
of Iranian Feda’i Guerrillas


A Persian Quarterly on Politics, History and Culture, 1. Spring 1985

A year in review • The tragedy of health care and medical treatment in Iran • The population problem and the question of women • Algeria in a limbo of fire and blood • Marx the philosopher of democracy • The existing and promised Islam • Women veiled and unveiled • On the victims of torture • In wilderness • Bazargan: Mirroring of the Iranian national bourgeoisie • In memory of Mehrdad Bahar • Chronicle of a Crime: Who Bijan Jazani was murdered by Savak • Letter to Taslima Masrin • On the Simple Truth


A Persian Quarterly on Politics, History and Culture, 2. Summer 1995

The US trade embargo on Iran • Three articles on the Kurdish struggle • On the Kurdish Question • Remarks on Kurdish nationalist historiography • Perspective on the Kurdish movement in Iran • It will never be forgotten • Uprising in Islamshahr • The tragedy of health care and medical treatment in Iran • Alternatives! • The French elections • The existing and promised Islam • Salam Cinema • A glance at Nima Parvaresh’s unequal struggle • Shame: An outcry against fundamentalism and ethnocentrism• On Marx’s philosophy • A tribute to Samineh Baghchehban


A Persian Quarterly on Politics, History and Culture, 3. Autumn 1995

After this bitter Experience! • Censorship in Iran • Two regimes, two experiences • The problems of publishing under the Islamic Republic of Iran • The labyrinth of “Islamic Cinema” • Censorship and self censorship • The fourth U.N. Conference on Women • A mirror on the O.J. Simpson trial • A second look • Iran’s state terrorism on trial • The enlightenment and the invention of civil society • “…And the earth is round” • Mirza Agha Khan Kermani • Death of an old herald: Ernest Mandel • Homage to Aziz Nesin • In search of originality of literature • Kiarostami’s cinema


A Persian Quarterly on Politics, History and Culture, 4-5. Winter & Spring 1996

The Islamic Republic of Iran, is one of a kind • The Iranian Revolution revisited (dossier) • France: “La Gre´ve” • French intellectuals and the protest movement • The new Zapatistas: The first post-communist rebels • The sin of being human being • Ahmad Mir Alai, me and bursts of laughter • On Kundera’s “Slowness” • Edward Said


A Persian Quarterly on Politics, History and Culture, 6. Summer 1996

Infatuated with serving • Prison, torture and the massacre of 1988 (dossier) • Civil society • Commemorating the Paris Commune • A journey to the labyrinth of the past • Human rights and Iranian women • Remembrance • A window towards Sahar • A flower shrouded in smoke • Living in wind • Utopia



A Persian Quarterly on Politics, History and Culture, 7. Spring 1997

After Mykonos • The Iranian left: Problems and perspectives • Nicaragua at the crossroads • Broken wings • A talk with Heiner Muller • Commemorating Seroj Stepanian tragedy of our generation • Reviewing the “Shattered Mirrors” of Houshang Golshiri • Amorous, I am all rebellion • Censorship in Iran



A Persian Quarterly on Politics, History and Culture, 8. Winter 1998

Democracy and theocracy • The intellectuals • Che Guevara, yesterday and today • Civil society and the socialist movement • Notes on “Memories of Mehdi Bazargan” • Shattered mirrors or the shattered intellectuals • Prisoners of the silk garden • A letter for Faraj Sarkuhi • Remembering Ghafar Hosseini • Afghanistan in turmoil



A Persian Quarterly on Politics, History and Culture, 9. Summer 1999

The beginning of the end • The Islamic Republic of Iran through the mirror of City Council elections • My concern about the association of Iranian Writers • Blasphemy, heresy, apostasy, atheism and polytheism • The punishment of a combatant against God • State terrorism in Islamic Republic of Iran • Pinochet arrested • Iran a country where talking about trees is a crime • More on “civil society and radical change” • On the 10th Conference of Iranian Women’s Studies Foundation • Remembering Eprime Eshagh • Homage to an unknown mentor: Ali Pasha Amjadi


Noghteh Review, Volume 1, No.1, Autumn 1995

Intellectuals and the revolution • The dictators and the clowns • The enlightening • What is Enlightenment • The dust of life • The notion of time and some deductions • Yugoslavia and the new nationalism • Organizational violation • The ruined nest • Chaghlayan Hotel • The burned • The tasks of novelist • Miguel Marmol • The little world of Martine Issacson • Alas • What is my ending • The nights and the dogs • Thirteen years after your execution • So Zahhak is the King of Universe



Noghteh Review, No.2, Autumn 1997

Revisiting Kasravi’s murder after fifty years • Ahmad Kasravi, an uncompromising reformer • History and politics • A reflection upon historical cognition • The composition of silence • The psychology of torture • The Iranian revolution, the nation and nationalism • Behind the death of stained walls of prison • The mystery of the garden • A brief encounter • This is your poet • Sui • Dancing in the moonlight • My stone butterflies • The new year’s eve butterfly • Hedayat’s “Hadji Agha” in France • A review of “French Testimony” • Poetry • A man, a woman, a nightmare


In the Name of Law, Winter 2017

Bijan Jazani & Hassan Zia Zarifi
in Military Court






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